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Embed product widgets on your website and enlarge your network. Your customers will be able to make purchases with a click that redirects visitors to your Snipe product page. Anyone can share and embed Snipe widgets with your products on their websites, boosting the touches with your potential clients.

Snipe widget is an excellent opportunity to increase the audience and sell the product directly on your blog. People can share your product page through Facebook, Twitter and Google, or grab a code of the widgets instantly on your Snipe product page.

Whether you're a writer, a musician, a developer or a designer, there’s a good chance you’d be happy to bring in extra dollars every month. Snipe has created a way to do just that, providing you with a method for selling your digital products online without going through the hassle of setting up and marketing an e-commerce store. Upload your content to Snipe and select a price that seems fair. Once your product has been uploaded, Snipe will immediately distribute your listings to websites, blogs, marketplaces, and social networks.

These are the specific places where potential buyers are most likely to see your products online, which means there’s very little that you need to do in the way of marketing. You can also upload and store your files with Snipe, which saves time by eliminating the need to upload products each time you make a sale manually.

Snipe is connecting content creators, publishers and marketplaces, and developing a sales system that truly benefits everyone. Snipe offers many benefits over traditional digital marketplaces, including cost—sellers can join the network without paying any fees—along with complete copyright control for content creators.

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