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Start selling through your online shop and social networks just by sharing a link and promote like a pro with multifunctional tools. Embed content widgets on your existing website to enlarge your customer network or invite people to your Snipe product pages.

Snipe is designed by creators for creators. Our mission is to make selling photos straightforward and efficient. We called this our 100% business model. That means if you want to sell at $1,000, you get $1,000. Snipe will transfer money directly to your PayPal account; Snipe charges no sales fees.

Anyone can share and embed Snipe's widgets with your digital goods on their websites, boosting the touches with your potential clients. Snipe's widgets offer an excellent opportunity to increase the audience and sell digital products directly to customers. People can share your content on Facebook, Twitter and Google, or grab code of the widgets instantly on your Snipe product pages.

Offer an affiliate reward for sharing and selling your products. Anyone can sell your products and earn money by sharing your goods. To start an Affiliate Program set the amount of an affiliate commission, which will be credited to the accounts of affiliates.

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