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By contributing to Snipe, you have the opportunity to showcase your work to millions of customers directly inside social networks, marketplaces or your blogs and websites.

Snipe specializes in selling digital products for the content creators and businesses.Selling digital content can be a lot different from selling physical products, and we get that. That's why we have the solutions you need to run a successful business. We want you to focus on being great at what you do, and help you to get what you need. You shouldn’t be worrying about all processes in digital content distribution, storing or selling. The Snipe is the best there is.

Whether you're selling your books, software, photos, courses, tutorials, templates, documentaries, video reviews, recipes or other products, Snipe has the solutions you need. We support multi-currency, global transactions, PayPal, Visa and MasterCards payments.

You do not have to worry about receiving payments, creating forms or purchase accounting. We take care of all financial matters. Money instantly credited to your Snipe account, and you can withdraw to your PayPal account.

Contributors Handbook

Before uploading files, please read the Contributors Handbook to avoid common pitfalls and make your sales more efficient.

Accepted file formats

Snipe supports all file formats including video and audio content for an online streaming: MPEG, mp4, AVI, MOV, m4v, WMV, FLV, MP3 and codecs up to 5 GB file size. Snipe converts all formats into a format that is suitable for any devices and adapted for viewing on the screens of any resolutions.

Sale run-up

After uploading, you will be able to add a description, set a cover and get a link for sharing. To boost your sales and customers loyalty, make sure that the description matches the content.

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