Subscription Management for your Enterprise

Subscription is a convenient way to pay for products and services. No wonder, the share of subscriptions in a company cost structure grows steadily. However, subscriptions tend to get out of control, particularly at an enterprise, where subscriptions are paid by "other people's money". Furthermore, enterprise subscriptions might become quite expensive. For example, a monthly charge for a CRM application can reach thousands of dollars. So can a subscription for Amazon cloud services.

Subscription management for an enterprise poses its own challenges. Here’s to name a few:
- How to manage a few hundred account connections?
- Who is responsible for a particular subscription?
- Who can tell if a subscription is still required after an employee has left the company?
- How to establish subscription monitoring process from the ground up?
- How could a company benefit from aggregating subscription data?
Popular end-user subscription tracking apps can't possibly address these challenges.

Today, Snipe is the only Enterprise-level Subscription Management platform on the market!

Hosted in a cloud, it could be easily installed with a minimal IT involvement. Snipe User Interface is designed to handle hundreds or even thousands of account connections. Once installed, Snipe provides effective yet simple tools and processes to assign owners to each subscription and to identify unwanted subscriptions. It unites an entire organization in a seamless and well-orchestrated subscription optimization process. With Snipe it won't take much time for every subscription to either obtain its owner or to get cancelled. Most importantly, Snipe will continuously manage your subscriptions from that point on.

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