Better playback, delivery and controls with Snipe’s HTML5 Content Player

The Snipe Content Player is optimized to provide the best viewer experience even before you press play. With support for high-resolution and many sorts of digital content, we prioritize viewer engagement and delivering the best quality for any environment and connection speed.

Best browser and mobile devices compatibility

Modern popular browsers all support HTML5 videos, Chrome, Firefox, Safari IE9, Opera, etc. You do not have to install any browser plugin or video player, like Flash Player, SilverLight, QuickTime, etc. Your browser is Snipe Content Player.

Easier embedding

Adding digital products to your website is super easy with Snipe’s lightweight embed codes, with just a few lines of HTML. We keep the code snippets small, so they’re easy to embed and load lightning fast.

Go mobile

Mobile devices are taking over the world; mobile technology is the future, just like HTML5 is the future of the web. More and more users will be using their mobile devices to view your content. Your digital products are optimized for mobile viewers with our responsive player that scales to fit any screen size. Whether your viewers are watching on desktop or mobile, all of your customizations will work consistently.


Increase engagement by tailoring the Snipe Content Player to match your brand colors and selecting the most suitable size or timeline actions with our customize tools. Post your digital content to any social network, and it will play seamlessly. The Snipe Content Player defaults to HTML5 to provide the most elegant viewing experience on desktop, mobile and tablet. It responds to its locations to dynamically load design elements and assure optimal viewing.

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